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FENN started manufacturing and selling surfskis in 1988 and produce approximately 1500 surfskis annually out of their factory in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Nobody really knows exactly how Keith Fenn designs his skis and you don’t get much information about the small changes they sometimes make. However, they always consistently produced strong, long lasting range of quality skis which perform well in all ocean conditions.

Unfortunately, the Fenn factory burnt down in June 2019 and had to be rebuilt, most moulds were destroyed by the fire and had to be remade. All skis from the new moulds / after the fire are rebranded as “Fennix”.

/ˈfiːnɪks/ (in stories) a magic bird that lives for several hundred years before burning itself and then being born again from its ashes to rise like a phoenix from the ashes (= to be powerful or successful again). 

2022 saw the Fenn domination continue at all international surfski races with the bulk of the top ten places in all categories going to paddlers either on Elite S or Spark S !!!

Poly Vac 17-18 kgs.
Vacuum bagged fibreglass, poly ester resin.

Fenn have moved away from the traditional hand laid fibreglass construction. Fenn now vacuum bag all layups which gives a consistent weight and even spread of resin throughout the ski. Another benefit of the Poly Vac construction is the boats a slightly stiffer and generally lighter than the hand laid option.

Glass Vac 14-15 kgs.
Vacuum bagged fibreglass, vinyl ester resin.

Vinyl ester is a common resin in the marine industry due to its corrosion resistance and ability to withstand water absorption.
The glass vac layup is a lightweight version of the poly vac layup. This construction gives the paddler a light weight version of an affordable boat.

Hybrid 11.5-12.5 kgs.
Vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon, epoxy resin.

The Hybrid layup uses a special layer of carbon and fibreglass interwoven fabric along with another layer of fibreglass. This layup creates strength while reducing weight enabling a more affordable product. There is very little difference between full carbon and hybrid layups in weight making this layup a first class racing product.

Carbon 10.5 – 11.5 kgs (Shorter, lower volume skis will be slightly lighter than their full length/size counterparts).
Vacuum bagged carbon, epoxy resin.

This layup is the premium layup for these types of craft. Carbon and epoxy are used and vacuum bagged to create the lightest and stiffest craft possible.

The most advanced construction techniques are used to create the lightest and stiffest boats on the market. The Hi-Cell skis come in the single-figure weight range – 9kg, ideal for racing.

All new Fenn surfskis have adjustable footrests, the doubles are also adjustable both front and rear. Most skis will accommodate paddlers from about 165cm (5’5) up to 198cm (6’6). The Swordfish S, Spark S and Elite S have smaller humps under the legs and will accommodate paddlers shorter than 165cm.

The Spark S is designed especially for shorter and lighter paddlers.


Entry & Developing:
Bonito is a great ski for kids and smaller paddlers up to 75kg & 175cm tall, who are new to the sport and wishing to develop their confidence whilst having fun.

Layup: polyvac construction – vacuum bagged fibreglass, polyester resin.
Length: 4.2m
Width: 50cm


Bluefin S
Entry level:
The Fennix Blue-Fin S is the most stable Fennix surf ski. Ideal for those new to ocean paddling or making a transition from sea kayaks.

The Fennix Blue-Fin S is by far the most manoeuvrable entry-level craft and surfs like no other while still offering great flatwater speed and stability.

It is designed to get the new paddler on the water without having to spend a lot of time learning to balance. The Fennix Blue-Fin S comes with three easy to carry handles and a safety leash attachment. It has a comfy shallow seat bucket that is easy for remounts.

Length: 5.9m
Beam: 53cm
Seat width: 4cm
Height: 36cm
Weight: depends upon construction layup (see “General construction & weights” above)

Beginner to Intermediate Ski:
The Fennix XT S is the perfect ski for those that want to paddle at a slightly more advanced level whilst still retaining good balance. Like all the new Fennix boats the XT S has the response and feel of elite-level skis while offering a very stable platform for ocean paddling. We think this is the perfect skis for those seeking ultimate “surf ability”, solid stability and good flatwater speed. The Fennix XT S sits between the Fennix Blue-Fin S and Fennix Swordfish S range of skis in terms of speed and stability.

The XTS & the Swordfish S are the
Length: 5.81m
Beam: 49cm
Seat width: 40.5cm
Height: 36cm
Weight: depends upon construction layup (see “General construction & weights” above)


Swordfish S
Intermediate level:
The all new Fennix version of the Swordfish S offers the stability, surf ability and speed of the original Swordfish but now has added comfort, a more efficient paddling position and is a very responsive ski. The Swordfish S, although considered an intermediate ski is one of the few in this class that can easily be raced at an elite level.

This Swordfish S is great in the “downwind” and flatwater speed (yet similar comfort) compared to the BlueFin S or XTS. The Swordfish gets up on to a plane with ease and in smaller downwind and also glassy conditions, it very easily can pick up & ride the bumps. The slight increase in stability gives the paddler much more confidence in rougher water. What does this mean for the intermediate and confident paddler ? It means more paddler’s having more paddling days on the challenging days. Paddle any day you like.

Little wonder this is Fenn’s number one selling surfski globally !!

The Fennix Swordfish S offers amazing downwind surfing ability, and is the next step up from the XTS range or for those looking for greater speed and a new challenge.

The primary differences to the previous model include:
– the shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down – this is visually the biggest difference;
– increased volume in the front of the ski and slightly more v-shape on the front half of the hull;
– improved downwind surfing performance;
– in 2022 the seat design has been changed thankfully and slightly lowered to improve stability, is more fitted and is comfortable;
– the hump has been lowered allowing for greater leg drive;
– the footwell is lower and the foot plate is further angled towards the paddler;
– the width of the ski at the paddle entrance is narrower by approximately 1cm;
– rudder position has remained the same as the previous model.

Length: 6.10m
Beam: 45cm
Seat width: 40.5cm
Height: 34cm
Weight: depends upon construction layup (see “General construction & weights” above)

Elite S
Elite level:
Keith Fenn hit the nail on the head when he made the alterations to the original Elite to come up with the most versatile elite racing ski on the market.

The Fennix Elite S continues on the same path as its predecessors the Elite and Elite S. Both of those were the leaders in the racing category. The Fennix version brings in slightly more rocker with some movements of volume to different parts of the ski. It is even more manoeuvrable and maintains that flatwater speed of the Elite S. The seat is slightly different from the previous Elite S seats. The Fennix Elite S has a smaller hump and will accommodate paddlers shorter than 165cm / 5’5.

So what’s different to the previous model?
– the shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down in line with the new Fennix models;
– more rocker in the hull, however, maintains great flatwater speed;
– narrower through the front and slightly higher deck;
– the seat is slightly more forward;
– less hump under your legs;
– greater manoeuvrability – the ski is extremely responsive allowing you to move the ski quickly into the desired position to pick up runs.

No others surf like this ski while offering unbelievable flat water speed and incredible stability for an elite racing ski.

The results in all races all over the globe and in all conditions in previous years and again in 2022 prove that this ski, and the Spark S is worth serious consideration when looking for an elite ski.

Length: 6.44m
Beam: 43cm
Seat width: 38.5cm
Height: 36cm
Weight: depends upon construction layup (see “General construction & weights” above)

Spark S
Elite Low Volume ski
The Fennix Spark S is the upgraded model of the first-ever competitive low volume ski the Fenn Spark. The Fennix Spark S is truly unique in its design and performance. The most noticeable change when you sit in the Fennix Spark S compared to the older model is the wider seat and the reduction of the hump under your legs.

The Fennix Spark S is best suited to the smaller paddler up to 80kg and 182cm / 6’ft in height to maximise the best performance on the water. The Fennix Spark S is extremely comfortable and stable for an elite ski, is fast, manoeuvrable, responsive and surfs with ease. This ski has been a game changer for the lighter and smaller paddlers.

If you match this category of paddler, this ski would be your first and fastest choice for the general UAE and GCC conditions.

So what’s different to the previous model?
– internal seat width is wider through the whole depth of the seat;
– the rudder is 6cm more forward allowing for greater control when surfing;
– the seat is a little deeper which adds stability;
– the hump under your legs has been redesigned and is noticeably lower and does not interfere with your leg drive;
– the cockpit length is longer;
– the shape of the bow deck (nose) is tapered down in line with all Fennix models.

Length: 6.44m
Beam: 42cm
Seat width: 37.5cm
Height: 34cm
Weight: depends upon construction layup (see “General construction & weights” above).

 (avail in Glass & Carbon):

Beginner to Intermediate Double Ski:
The XTS is an easy, fun, stable ski for paddlers wanting to move into doubles and try the thrill of chasing runs and racing with a partner. Great in big downwind and fast on the flat. Fully adjustable front and back. This is the choice for Adventure Racers and those looking to cover big miles with ease on flat water and ocean seas.

Length 7.5m
Width 51cm
Seat width: TBA
Weight: Glass = 24kg, Carbon = 18kg


Flying Fish
Intermediate to Elite Double Ski
The choice of many elite paddlers, especially those who compete in large open ocean racing – A great combo of the surfing & racing capabilities of the Elite S and the stability of the XTS.

Maneuverability and surf ability are the key features of this ski. A very comfortable seating position with the new S seat. Equally at home and competitive in the flat or chunky open ocean / downwind.

The upgraded design features include:
– a new fitted seat design, with the positions moved forward on the ski;
– reduced hump under legs;
– the rudder has been moved forward allowing for greater control in downwind conditions;
– the footwells are slightly lower allowing for a more comfortable seating position;
– inclusion of leg leash attachment in both seats;
– cutaways at the paddle entry

Length: 7.45m
Beam: 48cm
Seat width: 41.5cm

Elite S
Advanced / Elite Double Ski
Made for Elite paddlers and a much loved and successful racing ski globally.

The Elite ‘S’ Double will take smaller paddlers because of the closer seating position and less hump under the legs. The new fitted seat has been a huge hit for paddlers of this craft. The ‘S’ Double handles like a single in the runs with unbelievable maneuverability. With seats forward the ‘S’ has incredible flat water speed that leaves its rivals in its wash.

The upgraded design features from the Elite Double include:
– a new fitted seat design, with the positions moved forward on the ski
– reduced hump under legs;
– the rudder has been moved forward allowing for greater control in downwind conditions;
– the footwells are slightly lower allowing for a more comfortable seating position;
– inclusion of leg leash attachment in both seats;
– cutaways at the paddle entry.

Length: 7.5m
Beam: 46.5cm
Seat width: TBA
Weight: Glass = 24kg, Carbon = 18kg


To further inquire / order any FENN ski, please contact us at:
hello@oceanstokesports.com / +971 58 587 9161

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